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Protect Muath Amarneh and Veby Mega Indah When Covering the Riots

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A member of the Langsa city independent journalist alliance, covering his left eye is a form of international protection for journalists.
MOKI - LANGSA : The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) conducted a campaign on social media in support of Palestinian photojournalists Muath Amarneh and Veby Mega Indah who were shot in the eye.

Veby is an Indonesian journalist who works for Suara Hong Kong News shot right in the right eye when covering a demonstration in the Wanchai Area, Hong Kong on September 29, 2019. The projectile allegedly came from police fire.

Meanwhile, Muath Amarneh is a part-time photojournalist who was shot in the left eye while covering a protest in Surif, a town near Hebron, Palestine, on November 15, 2019. Israeli soldiers are suspected of being the perpetrators of the shooting of Muath.

The form of the campaign of the journalists is that the left eye is covered with white gauze with crossed plaster or the left eye is covered respectively to be known internationally that the journalist has been the victim of the shooting while covering the riots in the area. Journalists should be given protection in the name of humanity when carrying out their duties in the field.

The objective of the Independent Journalist Alliance campaign is to strengthen the solidarity between journalists at the international level and to push for law enforcement officials in their respective countries to resolve their cases - reporter Rusdi Hanafiah.

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